Looking at the Upcoming “Digital Art and Crypto Collectibles” Panel

We’re excited to be both a participant in the New Art Academy’s upcoming event, NYC ArtTech + Blockchain Connect, as well as covering the event as a supporting partner. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be providing insight into various components of the schedule, the speaker lineup, and the general inspiration for the conference with New Art Academy founder Elena Zavelev.

Today, we thought we would kick things off with a quick overview of the discussion we’ll be organizing, “Digital Art and Crypto Collectibles.” Michael Lee of The Creative Crypto will moderate a panel of leading figures working within the blockchain space to transform the production and distribution of art. Here’s a quick speed-dating session with all the panelists –

Kevin Abosch – Abosch is an internationally acclaimed artist with an already impressive portfolio of blockchain integrated and supported projects including his I AM A COIN project and the Forever Rose photograph.

Jessica Angel – Angel is a Columbian-American artist and creator of the Dogethereum Bridge Art Project in collaboration with TrueBit for the upcoming Vancouver Biennial. She leads the #ArtProject community committed to decentralized art.

Judy Mam – Mam is cofounder of DADA.nyc, the largest co-creating art platform built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Matt Hall – Hall is co-creator of Cryptopunks, the first precedent of non-fungible tokens on the ERC-721 Ethereum standard. Hall also cofounded Choon, the largest and most active blockchain platform for music.

Zack Yanger – Yanger heads up marketing and content for SuperRare, one of the premiere examples of an art collecting platform and marketplace for digital art on the Ethereum blockchain.

Be sure to follow the website and the ongoing updates on the event through the links below and upcoming interviews on The Creative Crypto in the weeks to come!

Name: NYC ArtTech + Blockchain Connect’s “Digital Art and Crypto Collectibles” Panel
Website: https://www.newartacademy.com/events/2018/nycconnect
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NewArtAcademy

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