MANA is Making a Splash in 2019

BUIDLing Momentum

Decentralanda blockchain-powered virtual world – is taking the #BUIDL movement very literally. The project recently published a developer kit of parts – SDK 5.0 – to gamify the growth of 3D modeled environments and to prepare for a new wave of crypto citizenry. The team also published a project update outlining past benchmarks and big goals for the year to come.

LAND is so ūüĒ• right now

It’s been a fiery start to the new year. Over the last month; $2.5 million USD worth of MANA has exchanged virtual hands with an average parcel price of over $500 USD. Since inception, the LAND marketplace has transacted $16.6 Million USD worth of MANA in secondary sales. Looking ahead, more tools will be built to enhance the in-world MANA economy. Citizens will be able to sell and spend locally through apps programmed directly into parcels.

Right now, MANA is being used as a medium of exchange. However, it’s fundamentally different from normal currencies: MANA is a utility token redeemed for LAND during Decentraland’s auctions. It’s is also intended to serve as an in-world currency that players can exchange for items and experiences within the platform.

Ari Meilich (Project Lead at Decentraland)

Looking ahead, Decentraland will be leveraging more open source solutions to spur growth. This includes the reference implementation of the project, in addition to further developing a dApp called Agora designed to gauge feedback from the public.

Learn more about the 2019 outlook and project updates, here.

Project Name: Decentraland
Roadmap: Link here
Steem: @decentraland

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