Michael Jackson’s Nephew Jaafar Jackson Partners with NASGO to Tokenize Album



Cryptocurrency startup NASGO has been gaining exposure in the crypto-community as an efficient way for companies to tokenize themselves. It seeks to make cryptocurrency easier than ever to incorporate with all sorts of businesses, whether it relates to point-of-sale, loyalty programs, or improved customer communication.



Jaafar Jackson, nephew of music icon Michael Jackson, has announced that he is partnering with NASGO to “tokenize” his debut album. He is launching the Jusic token, and pointed out in an interview with Cheddar that “we are in the beginning stages right now”. Jaafar Jackson stated that he hopes to “use this new technology to connect with people around the world, and to share my vision and passion for humanitarian causes.”

As of press time, there is no set release date for Jackson’s debut album.

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