Music and Technology with Ara, Einnovations, The Soundshop [Nov. 29]

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An Evening of Creativity + Blockchain

Join the Creative Crypto team at a Music and Technology workshop this week in New York City! We’ll be presenting a live “tokenized content” demo and showcase how artists can tap into the blockchain ecosystem for the first time.

Ara, the Soundshop and Ei (the team that brought you blockchain at Mondo.NYC) are proud to announce a night of intimate showcases and creative blockchain guidance. Through music and live demos, we will show you how to navigate emerging technologies that will give you the power to publish, distribute and monetize your product, as well as manage rights and royalties. The programming will also integrate The Soundshop’s salon format, in which artists curated across numerous genres will perform and engage in conversation with the audience about their music, as well as various aspects of the intersection of music and technology.

Name: Music and Technology Presented by Ara, Einnovations and The Soundshop
Location: Littlstar Headquarters / 588 Broadway / New York, NY 10012
Date + Time: November 29, 6:30-9:30pm
RSVP: Reserve a Ticket Here!

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