My 2 Satoshi: My Experience as a Choon Musician

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Dear Readers of The Creative Crypto,

As any musician knows, the music industry is long overdue for a big change. The corporate model, as usual, serves only the corporation while the artists, and the art, fight for the scraps and sleep with the dogs. Things have been slowly changing as the ability to record, produce, and deliver music becomes cheaper and easier all the time, but there is still a bottle neck in distribution that allows a few big companies to take 90% of the revenue generated by any given artist. Thanks to distributed ledgers and a few altruistic visionaries, this problem is finally being solved.

Decentralized Beats

Choon is one of a handful of blockchain-based music streaming sites starting to drop beats all over the tired music industry. I’ve been using it myself for the past few months and it’s really amazing how much the people who get involved with it are rallying around this new opportunity. There is a community forming around the platform that is really supportive and has started to change my outlook on listening to music. Knowing that the artist I’m listening to will get compensated as they deserve to be for their work is a beautiful feeling. It adds a whole new dimension to finding new music, not to mention putting my own work out there.


My music has gotten tons more exposure on Choon than I’ve experienced on any platform in the past, including putting paid adds on Facebook. Part of that may be because the platform is relatively new so I have less competition for attention. Part may be that I’m more motivated to get people to go there and listen because I know that my hard work is not going to fill some greedy CEO’s pockets. But I think the most significant factor is because the structure of the site actually encourages people to find new music. You even earn rewards when people listen to your playlists so there is an incentive to find good music and build a following as a curator. Plus the layout and design are both super smooth, much cleaner than most streaming platforms, and caters to indie artists.

Jamm’n Onwards

Full disclosure, the platform is still in Beta and their tokens aren’t trading yet. They plan on implementing ways to use the native currency to promote your music on the site and setting up an internal exchange before releasing their “notes” into the wild. So I actually have no idea what the value of them will be or how much I’ve made so far, but I still really dig this platform and I’m excited to be a part of what they’re building.

P.S. There are no ads. Anywhere. 🙂

And those are my 2 Satoshi,

Shookriya, Musician + Artist

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