Neon District [game]

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Neon District

Description: Neon District combines the best of card-based RPGs and online MMOs with asset ownership, unique strategic gameplay, and a verifiable asset history via blockchain technology. The game utilizes the Ethereum non-fungible token standard #721 (ERC-721) to provide individualized, unique cards for each player to collect, trade, play, and evolve.

Neon District is a hybrid role-playing and trading card game set in a futuristic dystopia. In Neon District, each player collects and trades unique cards that evolve and adapt as they’re used in play. Unlike all other trading card games, cards in Neon District become more valuable as they gain experience points, special abilities, physical flaws, and cybernetic enhancements. These cards come alive and create their own stories, forever stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Blockchain: Ethereum
Category: Game


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