Neon District Season Zero ‘Baus Auction’ is LIVE!

Who’s the Baus?

With Neon District smashing past their $50,000 milestone in their Founder’s Sale, the community has unlocked a bonus activity — the Season Zero Baus auction! Collectors can now bid on the first boss and most powerful asset of Season Zero. This is a one-of-a-kind asset that commemorates the launch of Neon District, as well as allows one lucky player to own this core component of the game. The highest offer (current bid 8.6 ETH) on April 14th will acquire the most valuable game asset and access exclusive perks.

>> Bid on the Baus Now! <<

The most valuable aspect of the Baus Auction is collaborating directly with the Neon District team to help make design decisions and upcoming features of the Baus’ environment. If you’re a big fan of Neon District and want to impact the trajectory of the first major blockchain RPG, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Some of the components you’ll help determine –

  • Power, mechanics, and gameplay
  • Color Scheme
  • Background Music
  • Custom Avatar/Logo
  • The Baus’ attributes
  • Background Setting (potential logo)

AND, as a unique prize for this event, we’ll be providing a special package when the auction hits the stretch goal of 721 ETH. The Neon District will provide an all-inclusive trip (flight, hotel, group dinner) to New York City so that the winner can help craft the above components in person and spend time with the awesome team. The collaborative design charrette will be hosted at Techstars NYC in May.

If the stretch goal is met, the winner will be included in the Season Zero game credits as well!

What is Neon District

Neon District is an upcoming cyberpunk role-playing game developed by Blockade Games and built on the Loom Network with Unity. Players control parties of characters and battle to progress through a sci-fi storyline and earn in-game NFT (non-fungible token) items. Your aim as part of the “Degens” and “Edits” is to combat a governing entity that has begun to surveil and control its citizens with implant technology. The game’s Founder’s Sale went live on March 28th and Season Zero is launching later this spring.

Learn more about Neon District Founder’s Sale and Season Zero here.

This announcement was originally posted on the official Blockade Games Blog, here.

Auction Duration: Ends April 14, 2019 22:00 EST
Auction Location: Link
Blockade Games Website:
Neon District Website:

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