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Since the breeding frenzy of CryptoKitties exactly one year ago, the blockchain industry has been very aggressive in its pursuit of a mainstream gaming product. In many aspects, gaming is a perfect playground for the latest blockchain developments. From the transition of gaming items to non-fungible tokens to the prospect of making in-game currencies actual money, decentralization is already challenging the industry norms of ownership and community experience. Soon enough, we’re likely to see a future where loot boxes have some lasting investment value and players actually own the skins and legendary items that are so valuable in the context of play.

To achieve this end, the first big move by blockchain game developers has been to recreate proven genres with the boons of blockchain. Digital beanie babies, online trading cards, and even real-time strategy games are available or in development as we speak, meaning that the next reemergence of Pokemon or Starcraft may very well be onchain.

But only one new product looks to usurp the dominance of one of today’s most widely played games. Today, we are excited to share our conversation with the Cubego team, who has transitioned from their popular Etheremon to creating a new customizable gaming experience.

The Creative Crypto (CC): Hello team! How did you come up with the idea of Cubego?

We believe that everyone has their own Lego memories and no matter how old we are, every one of us is just a big kid at heart. The joy when we create things ourselves and share with others with so much pride is the greatest joy every one of us has been through at least once in our life. Remember the first picture you drew, the first sculpture you crafted, the first Lego model you built; they were precious moments in our lives. We wanted to create such a game that gives people more of those joyful moments.

Also, with blockchain, we can even protect the ownership and copyright of our creations, formulating a perfect match of game mechanics and the underlying technology. That’s why Cubego was born!

What we trying to build is a limitless space for creativity where players gather to create, share, express their individuality and gain values from their own creations. And it will not stop at building characters. We will make sure every character has its own journey in game and every journey is as interesting as another. Battle, Clan War, Crafting and many more features will offer players lots of fun. What is more exciting than playing with characters you yourself create?

CC: How have your experiences with Etheremon informed your development of the new game?

Building and running Etheremon taught us a lot and we are still learning everyday as we are developing Etheremon game features and from our amazing community. There are several barriers to DApp game adoption that we are aware of including –

  • Players lacking knowledge of blockchain technology and how to use DApp/play DApp games.
  • Lacking variety in blockchain gaming experience, which is still limited in casual collecting, trading characters and simple battling.

User onboarding is complicated for a DApp as there are too many steps involved and user experience is not yet optimized due to the blockchain scalability challenge. As such, we think it’s better to let players experience and learn about the gameplay even before signing up for an account to develop interest with the game. Once players decide this is a game they like, we will walk them step-by-step through the account setup. In Cubego, users can try crafting as many 3D character designs as they want in our 3D building tool before deciding to sign up and really create one.

As mentioned, blockchain collectible games are now mostly about breeding to find new characters, and all those characters are entirely designed by game developers. With Cubego, we hope to reach out to a new segment of players, so as to teach more people about how blockchain and DApps work. Players can find in Cubego a freedom to create characters and a fun world to dive into, so that anyone who likes to create things hopefully will be appealed by this idea. It also can cater to all blockchain collectible game enthusiasts as there will be thousands and possibly millions of characters in the game, differing in shape, color and texture for them to collect. As a result, we aim to bring blockchain closer to more people in a simple yet fun approach. Cubego will diversify customer segmentation for DApp games to make the blockchain market more vibrant.

CC: What potential does allowing users to create their own tokenized characters have on engagement and attractiveness of the game?

We believe people always have a special connection with what they build themselves. Hence, they will care more for the Cubego characters they create than those made for them, and will want to share them with others and make them stronger and more beautiful. If one can create a beautiful character many love to own in their collection, he/she will surely see it as a great accomplishment to sell it and see the characters he built in other players’ squads and fight in many battles in Cubego’s world. Thanks to the copyright feature, value of beautiful Cubegon characters will be protected and increases.

In addition, players will also be inspired by others’ artworks. The quality of community submissions has amazed us. So far, our players have created characters inspired by games like Pokemon, Super Mario, Street Fighter to animals and even food like a bowl of noodles. If you check out our Twitter page, we have posted many of them and you will see how creative our players can be. This inspiration will drive players to make more beautiful and more creative characters in-game.

CC: How do you think this best intersects blockchain and the growing global gaming industry?

As the global gaming industry is growing tremendously, people will demand more rights and see gaming as a space to express themselves. Customization has been a trend not just in gaming, but also many digital industries and will continue spreading in the next decades. Customization shifts the control to users, emphasizes user-generated content, and as a result, boosts players’ engagement and interaction. Cubego delivers exactly that. The game revolves around players’ creations, gives them exceptional opportunity to create whatever they want and makes them feel important about themselves.

Leveraging blockchain technology, we cannot discount Cubego’s key offers of protected ownership of assets, redistributed values towards players, and highly liquid in a trust-less marketplace. Cubego realizes all of these benefits and packs it inside interesting gameplay.

CC: In simple terms, help us understand how blockchain makes this different than Minecraft.

Minecraft is a open-world game, allows players to create whatever they want and experience that world in the way they like. Cubego aims to offer a similar experience of limitless creativity, focusing on players’ characters and also gives players the highest level of ownership, which Minecraft could not.

To explain further, Cubego is beyond just entertainment as players’ creations can be turned into real value. Characters’ uniqueness is guaranteed so players need not to worry about anyone copying their work. Moreover, a beautiful creation in Cubego will be worth a lot, as its creator owns the copyright and is the only person who can build copies of that model. And what if somebody wants to buy that copyright? We make it possible, as the copyright ownership is tied to the original model and is transferable.

CC: Is this blockchain’s next “killer DApp?”

It’s still early to claim this but we believe Cubego’s uniqueness will make it stand out from the list of look-alike crypto collectible games out there today.

Name: Cubego

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