NFTY NEWS [December 24, 2018]

NFTY NEWS is a weekly newsletter covering the latest developments of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the blockchain space – collectibles, games, new platforms, and much more. NFTY NEWS is created by contributor Brian Flynn and adapted from his Medium page. For more information on NFTs, check out Brian’s reading list to get you up to speed on crypto digital assets.

NFTY #31: Holiday Edition⛄️

0x <> CoinList Hackathon, NFT Holiday Gifts & NFT.NYC

Happy holidays everyone! Before we jump in the snow, I’m going to wrap up the week with some news about 0x + Coinlist’s hackathon & some project ideas, NFT holiday cards, and the NFT.NYC event happening on February 20. Enjoy!

0x CoinList Hackathon & Earn

CoinList & 0x have teamed up for a hackathon with the goal of bringing decentralized markets to the masses. 0x has been on a rampage by launching new products and programs to support the ecosystem. They were also the launch partner this week for Coinbase Earn — a way for users to earn their way into crypto by becoming educated (arguably one of the biggest barriers to adoption at the moment).

I’m humbled to be selected as a judge for the hackathon alongside prominent leaders in the industry like Nick TomainoLinda Xie, and Ryan Hoover— and I can’t wait to see some of the awesome NFT projects that come out of it.

Here are some things that can be built that I’ve talked about in my recent newsletters:

  1. Web3 gravitar/bitmoji — signal your tribalism to certain networks by donating ERC20s to receive NFTs
  2. Price predictions — Combining NFTs with prediction markets — build an augur relayer used to predict the future prices of NFTs (similar to what veildoes with r/memeconomy
  3. NFT Attestations that unlock user ability to execute orders — Ex. creating a signal on FOAM (that mints an NFT) allows a user to execute a specific 0x order because they interacted with the FOAM network. Would be even cool to see NFTs that are unlocked based upon your interactions with specific networks (credentials for knowledge)

Holiday Gifts as NFTs & Education

Need a last minute gift for the holidays while spurring some crypto education with friends and family? Check out some of these programmable cards below:

Crypto Xmas

Crypto Xmas lets you buy a christmas card for a friend by sending a link. All proceeds go to Venezuelans in need. Love this idea because of the intersection between crypto education + philanthropy.

Similarly to Crypto Xmas, lets you buy a holiday card and send it to your friends with all proceeds going to charity.

Open Kudos

While Kudos isn’t necessarily made for the holidays, it’s a great way to gift kindness to someone else. Kudos was made from the team behind Gitcoin. Users can attach Kudos to a bounty for extra intrinsic motivation to complete a task.

NFT.NYC — February 20

The next non-fungible token event will be hosted by OpenSea & CryptoCred in NYC on February 20. I’ll be speaking at the event alongside companies like CryptoKitties, USV, Venrock, and more. You can use the discount code NFTDEV for 50% off your ticket here.

If you are working on creative use cases, or working on trying to get more people into crypto and reaching end users using non-fungible tokens, I would love to talk about how I can help. Reach out to me on twitter @flynnjamm, my DMs are always open.

Contributor Name: Brian Flynn

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