NFTY NEWS [November 19, 2018]

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NFTY #26: Gaming on the Chain

Neon District $13M valuation, EOS’ New Player on the Block, and Gods Unchained’s Gameplay Trailer

This last week had a ton of news come out with blockchain games. Blockade Games closed their latest round, ex-Activision execs announce their new gaming studio with their first title built on EOS, and Gods Unchained reveals their gameplay trailer.

1. The studio behind the blockchain game Neon District is valued at $13m

Neon District has closed their first round and now are valued at $13m. Marguerite, the CEO of Blockade, is known in the crypto community for her crypto-puzzles. The team is building on top of Ethereum using LOOM’s SDK.

Speaking of LOOM, Mythos Capital also just announced that they’ll be one of the first LOOM validators this week. I’m pretty interested to see the relationship between games and funds going forward as games start building on top of LOOM and other validator systems for scaling.

2. Mythical Games, a new gaming studio with Ex-Activision execs, raises $16M from Galaxy to build on EOS

Looks like we got a new player in town, and they’re building on Ethereum’s competitor. has written a large check to ensure EOS receives top talent & a possible new AAA game. With the announcement came a trailer for Mythical’s game, Blankos. Seems like some notes were taken from Fortnite… allowing for skin customization and embracing memes & media culture.

Running an EOS dApp is expensive. But being a first mover has a lot of advantages as a gaming company. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mythos aim to be a block producer candidate and earn credit from the wider crypto community. By being a block producer, they’ll be able to earn a secondary revenue stream while influencing how “interoperable” the game becomes with the rest of the protocol. Keep an eye on it.

3. Gods Unchained releases their official gameplay trailer

Gods Unchained has sold 300,000 packs of cards so far according to their Twitter. At the second-lowest tier pack, that’s nearly $4M in packs sold. They’ve also racked up $377,000 for their tournament pool before the game has even been released. The balancing period is still going on – so cards are still locked up.

Gods Unchained recently announced they’ll be launching their own 0x relayer along with Axie Infinity. Keep an eye on how relayers start to specialize and become more niche as liquidity starts to grow for individual game assets. 0x has also recently made it easier to launch a 0x relayer with their new launch kit.

Will we start to see hundreds of relayers appear? Will a consortium of dApps consolidate onto one NFT relayer? Will be interesting to see how this ecosystem plays out.

If you are working on creative use cases, or working on trying to get more people into crypto and reaching end users using non-fungible tokens, I would love to talk about how I can help. Reach out to me on twitter @flynnjamm, my DMs are always open.

Contributor Name: Brian Flynn

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