Our Favorite Roubini #CryptoTwitter Memes

Economist Nouriel Roubini has been dominating #cryptotwitter this past week after his publicized senate hearing and debate with Peter Van Valkenburgh concerning the viability of Bitcoin and blockchain. Roubini’s case, filled with unsubstantiated claims around criminal activity and lack of scalability, was quickly and ruthlessly picked apart by blockchain industry experts and enthusiasts in the Twittersphere. We selected a couple of our favorites to give you a sense of the whole affair.

First, we have the brilliant claims by Dr. Roubini such as this one –

Things quickly escalated from there, with some taking a much darker tone on Roubini’s presence.

But most were lighthearted teasing, either focusing on the curmudgeon-y nature of Roubini’s outlandish claims or putting the whole affair in a playful light.

One interesting take on all of this is the interpretation that Dr. Roubini is bitter due to his lack of involvement in one of the fastest growing assets of 2017, especially since his reputation is almost wholly built on his foresight of the 2008 economic collapse.

One thing is clear, Roubini is building quite the media presence on and off Twitter completely focused on an opposition to blockchain technology. We’re sure to see more to come from “Dr. Doom” as he continues to clash with proponents of the cryptoverse.

And one last thing. The online showdowns between Nouriel Roubini and Ethereum-Founder Vitalik Buterin are quite the spectacle. Hopefully, we’ll see a live face-off in the near future.

Happy hunting #cryptotwitter.

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