Our First Collection of a Visual Conversation is Here [Collaborative Rare Digital Art on DADA]

Authored by Judy Mam, Co-Founder of DADA

We launched our first collection of rare digital drawings in October 2017. At the time, we issued 100 individual drawings from different conversations and artists across DADA. We made editions of each drawing with 5 levels of digital scarcity. We were among the pioneering projects to issue a collection of rare digital art on the blockchain.

But DADA is about artists thriving together. It’s all about collaboration, uniqueness, and visual dialogue. Since that time, we have been figuring out how to best potentialize DADA to its artists and collectors alike. The answer lies in our visual conversations. They are the essence of DADA.

We are thrilled to announce our first collection featuring a visual conversation, curated by our artists and collectors:

See Descontrol in its entirety

Collaborative Artwork

Descontrol is comprised of 40 different drawings, made spontaneously by 11 different artists in 9 countries. Each drawing can be purchased as a unique ERC721 non-fungible token.

This means that each drawing is a sole, unique digital asset. Only 40 originals exist that are verified and authenticated on the blockchain, with proof of authorship and ownership. You can collect one, two, any number, or the entire conversation if you wish.

DADA is unique in that its art is made by people from all over the world as a way to have conversations with one another. It is made on our platform free and spontaneously.

DADA is magical because many artists create unity together. They follow the flow of the conversation to an extent that it is difficult to see where one drawing ends and another begins. Sometimes they are seamless, sometimes they tell stories, sometimes they are like a mantra with infinite variations. But they are always surprising and immensely moving. No matter what their topic or their mood, they are sheer joy.

DADA aims to create a new economic paradigm for artists in which art-making is decoupled from transactions, allowing artists to create and collaborate freely while they receive a passive income for their contribution to the community.

When you buy one of these drawings, you benefit the artist who made it, the other artists who participated in the conversation, and the DADA community at large.

Collect Descontrol [click here]

Project: DADA

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