Pineapple Arcade [Where Cyberpunks Hang and Crypto Legends are Born]

Discover Hidden Bitcoin

Pineapple Arcade is a beautifully designed maze of cues, clues, and retro games that lead to stockpiles of hidden cryptocurrency. When you first land inside the arcade you’re greeted by a colorful 1980’s punk interior. Arcades line multiple levels with interactive nooks scattered throughout this industrial gamers’ lounge. Click to zoom in on various elements, and click again to play. There’s literally tens of thousands of dollars in digital currencies here just waiting to be uncovered.

So, without spoiling anything too elaborate – here’s a snapshot of a couple arcade games available to play. Get your ready-player-one goggles on and dive in –

The Arcade itself is a project developed by Blockade Games, the team behind Neon District – a highly anticipated blockchain cyberpunk RPG game due to arrive later this year.

Registry of Puzzle Prizes

So what’s hiding? Turns out there are dozens of prizes here. Some seemingly obvious but others are much more elaborate and hard to solve. Have a go at it and let us know what you find!

  • 10 BTC (Pineapple Fund): Begins with this reddit post and this image
  • 7.5 BTC (Pineapple Fund): not yet active
  • 15 ETH (Neon District): The Function Core. More details at How to Play.
  • 75 Neon District Trophies (Neon District): Prizes given for solving any of the puzzles hidden on the site. Trophies grant exclusive alpha access to Neon District, a blockchain-based game coming out this year.
  • 100,000 RUSTBITS (Age of Rust): Already Claimed. Puzzle within Hack N’ Hash.

Project: Pineapple Arcade

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