“A teenage girl and her father travel to a remote alien moon, aiming to strike it rich. They’ve secured a contract to harvest a large deposit of the elusive gems hidden in the depths of the moon’s toxic forest. But there are others roving the wilderness and the job quickly devolves into a fight to survive. Forced to contend not only with the forest’s other ruthless inhabitants, but with her own father’s greed-addled judgment, the girl finds she must carve her own path to escape.”

Preview –

Title: Prospect

Screenbreaker is an entertainment festival hosted by Breaker on April 26-27, 2019 in New York City. This Carousel highlights projects developed in collaboration with Breaker. More information can be found on their site here.

The Creative Crypto is a proud media partner of Screenbreaker and will be providing interviews, spotlights, coverage and more on the upcoming event.

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