RareAF Crypto Art Contest

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RareAF2 will take place in Brooklyn on May 18, 2019. This NFTy spring gathering will feature some of best and brightest speakers, innovators and artists of the crypto world. Looking ahead to May, the AF squad is hosting a design contest and calling for creative entries to help brand the event. It’s time to put your cryptoartsy hat on and get drawing!

Create the Rarest Graphic

Enter your tokenized artwork for a chance to earn 0.5 ETH. Click here to visit the RareAF Design Contest.

Let’s compete & collaborate to design something awesome! We’re looking for ideas, rough drafts or fully developed concepts. Hopefully, this will be a fun way to crowdsource artwork that inspires the RareAF community.

Name: RareAF2
Contest Page: Link
Website: https://raredigitalartfestival.splashthat.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RareArtFest
Telegram: Link

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