Reply with a Drawing [DADA’s Unleashing of Creative Collaboration]

Visual Storytelling on the Blockchain

Crypto apps don’t have to be all about transactions, daily active users, or trade volume. Our friends at DADA are generating a new kind of value that isn’t boxed in by the typical blockchain metrics of success. After all, why should we use old-world numbers to define something so new and disruptive?

DADA is a social network powered by Ethereum – where artists reply to one another by way of their artwork. On the DADA platform, creatives can collect and sell their work or simply improvise on the work of another. As a result, artists all over the world build incredibly vibrant panoramic storylines that follow a compositional or narrative theme.

Here’s a small snapshot of some of DADA’s recent collaborations:

Above, “HOPE” is comprised of 24 drawings made by 10 different artists in 6 countries. See and support the entire conversation, here. Below, an untitled collaboration of reds, dots, and curious creatures that bounce right out of the screen. Explore the full work, here.

Learn more about the DADA platform this week at the NFT.NYC event in Times Square on February 20th! Co-founder of DADA, Beatriz Ramos, will be hosting a talk on NFTs: Unleashing Creative Collaboration and Co-creation.

Project: DADA
Steem: @dadanyc

Cover image from Boris Z. Simunich of Peru.

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