Retro Calculator Game “DrugWars” Makes a Comeback on the Blockchain

Oh the glory days of TI-83’s…

Do you remember sitting in high school calculus glued to your calculator? While teach probably thought you were being studious, we’d suspect that level of enthusiasm wasn’t for the most righteous of reasons. DrugWars was a game that flooded the smart calculator world in the late 1990’s. At the time, high school hallways were full of digital drug trades. Fast forward, 20 years later it’s a growingly popular blockchain game.

Developed by FutureShock, DrugWars has a lot of the same drug-lordly fun of the original game. You can load up on weapons to defend your drug collection, upgrade facilities to boost output or secure your stash, or even raid your friends.

Rewards for Drug HODLers

As a pretty cool bonus, users who produce the most drugs get a piece of the daily rewards that the game itself generates. Yesterday the game split 1,800 Steem (~$500+ USD) to about 1,100 active players. DrugWars just launched this week and it’s already one of the top 10 rated applications on State of the Dapps!

While the game itself is still in production, DrugWars does represent a unique growth indicator for the crypto gaming industry. In-game token incentives provide for a real economy owned directly by the gamers themselves. Blockchain is providing an exciting new paradigm for games, one to keep a close eye on in the year to come!

Steem: @drugwars
Announcement: link

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