Sanya City, China to Build Smart City with Blockchain

One of the world’s largest insurance corporations, Ping An, is reportedly investing $4 billion into the southern island city of Sanya to integrate emerging technologies including blockchain. The aim is to leverage decentralized technologies, AI, and cloud computing to support Sanya City’s growth and operations as ‘Smart City’ technologies. This builds on the momentum of Ping An’s whitepaper for future cities with blockchain being a core pillar technology.

“In promoting the development of “smart city”, Ping An puts forward the system of [intelligence] in the perspective of service and creativity, and promotes it with practice… Ping An’s five core technologies: biometrics, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud platforms have reached the global leading level.”

The move marks another development in China to leverage blockchain for big data development.

Name: Ping An Invests in Sanya’s Blockchain-Backed Smart City

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