SingularDTV is now Breaker

A Bridge to the Creative Masses

SingularDTV has now become – Breaker. The blockchain powered entertainment company has undergone some extensive rebranding in an effort to better tap creative media.

What We Stand For…

Art is for everyone. Breaker is the catalyst. The agent of change. This is where the entertainment industry evolves. Because this is the new, ethical, transparent way to distribute creative work. This is where creators come to be empowered and fans come to experience a richer, more diverse collection of original and classic content.

Breaker (source)

The Breaker Dapp

As part of the rebrand, Breaker launched a new dapp and trailer video, above. While going all in on meta-creativity, Breaker has also put a strong emphasis on user experience, interface, and communication. Blockchain adoption has sincerely lacked all three of these basic practices. Could Breaker become a bridge leading to a new wave of mass adoption? Make sure to follow along and see…


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