Snark.Art’s Interview with Eve Sussman: 89 Seconds Atomized

Eve Sussman has been an active artist for over two decades, and she recently sat down with Snark.Art, an art-focused blockchain laboratory.  Sussman is internationally known for her 2004 motion picture 89 Seconds at Alcazar, that attempted to capture the moments before and after the image depicted in the seminal work Las Meninas.  The 1656 painting by Diego Valezquez is one of the most analyzed and discussed works of art in history, and widely considered one of the most important.  Sussman gained international fame as a result, and the continuously looping piece is in museum collections worldwide. The artist/filmmaker is reinventing the work as 89 Seconds Atomized in collaboration with Snark.Art, and the resulting piece will be interactive and on the blockchain. Be sure to learn more about this new type of “community artwork” with the interview below!

Name: Eve Sussman “89 Seconds Atomized” Interview
Video: Link
Snark Art Website

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