Sndbox Crypto Art + Design Contest Results: Ethereum


Throughout early and mid-2018, Sndbox hosted a series of ‘Crypto Logo Redesign Challenges’ that rewarded reimagined crypto images with the influence of famous artists and art styles. The list started with Bitcoin and went down the top 10 on CoinMarketCap. Selected entries received Steem-backed upvotes and publicity through the @sndbox account. We’re excited to share the winners of each contest with The Creative Crypto, so without further ado, here are the picks for Ethereum!

@katalinaooma’s Art Deco-thereum

@katalinaooma created a classic and elegant interpretation of Ether in the style of the Art Deco movement! This illustration looks like a scene drawn right out of The Great Gatsby.

@karmachela’s Ethereal Illusion

@karmachela’s work creates a hypnotic trance out of the Ethereum logo. Could this be some sort of Proof of Work mysticism or casting of spells? Is it all an illusion after all? We loved this one. Karmachela did a tremendous job of showcasing the process of creating the work and ideas along the way.

@mbell’s Rodchenko Collage

Perhaps Ethereum has been around all this time? Mbell interprets the logo through renowned Russian constructivist Aleksandr Rodchenko. Thanks for this amazing collage and beautiful process!

@heroldius‘ Ether Mobile

Alexander Calder + ethereum? @heroldius puts that theory into practice! Make sure to take a look at the process and ideas behind this fun sculptural interpretation.

@aaronhong’s Pink Panda

Last but not least, @aaronhong was inspired by super funky pop collaborations between Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton.

Submitted by @sndbox, see the original post here. Explore all the entries from the original open call here.

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