The Creative Crypto Magazine is supported through partnerships and sponsorships with some of the world’s leading blockchain initiatives. Alongside these strategic collaborations our goal is to produce impactful stories, projects, and experiences that creatively empower the ever-growing blockchain landscape.

We are actively seeking sponsors to support the growth of the magazine. If you would like to learn more and pursue a partnership regarding your product, event, or overall initiative, please reach out using the button, below. 

Creative Partners

Mondo.NYC is a global business conference and festival uniting music and emerging technology.

New Art Academy is a leading host of global events focused on the intersection of art and technology.

CryptoKitties, created by AxiomZen, is one of the world’s first crypto games, powered by Ethereum.

Magazine Stewards

SteemPress is a plugin that connects any blog to the Steem blockchain. With it, publishers can tokenize their WordPress website.

Fundition is a cryptocurrency crowdfunding application for project creators and curators seeking the support of innovative ideas.

Utopian is a Steem powered multi-disciplinary community with a focus on open source  software development, design and ideation.

Community Exposure

We cover and create interesting stories. But we also believe in building lasting communities and networks that seek genuine progress in the blockchain world. Alongside our Partners and Stewards, The Creative Crypto aims to push the discourse of creative cryptocurrencies forward.


Steem is the social blockchain linked to our magazine. On Steem we have an combined 15k following with some of the most fluent crypto creatives and companies out there.


Engagement on “Crypto” Twitter is an important facet of community building in the blockchain world. Our profile receives upwards of 500k – 1 million impressions each month.


Our magazine is growing by way of a dedicated and interdisciplinary following with thousands of monthly visitors and over 2k subscribed to our weekly newsletter.