SteemPress: Facilitation the Content Economy on the Blockchain [Steemfest 3.0 Presentations]

Steemfest 3.0 was last week’s conference dedicated to the development of the Steem blockchain and the applications being built on the distributed DPoS system. We’ll be sharing some of our favorite sections and applications that were recording during this time, all tools that creative professionals and content creators can use today to monetize their work and passion on the Steem blockchain.

Steempress is a WordPress plugin and curation service that supports the integration of the world’s biggest blogging and content community with the Steem blockchain. The development allows anyone to link their professional WordPress projects with a Steem account, putting content on the immutable blockchain and opening it to community support and upvote monetization. In fact, The Creative Crypto itself is linked to the ledger in this way. Watch cofounders @howo and @fredrikaa present their year’s work below –

Name: Steempress at Steemfest 3.0
Video: Link [Timestamp 5:12:33] Website: Link 1, Link 2

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