Sunday Reading: Design in Crypto

Welcome to The Creative Crypto’s first Sunday Reading! This weekly installment will be a bit of a digital reading club to cover specific topics in the blockchain space, particularly concerning creativity and industry engagement. We’ll be compiling themed articles to provide more comprehensive snapshots of what’s going on and being discussed in the cryptosphere.

This week, we’re looking at ‘design’ and its specific role in blockchain. With recurring issues and obstacles in the growing space in regards to adoption and education, design is increasingly becoming a crucial vehicle to create more doorways into the community and tech. The following are some of the most compelling written work on the current conceptual approach of design professionals.

1. Why Design is the Killer App for Crypto

First, the premise. Connie Yang of Coinbase walks us through the current complexities of explaining or representing blockchain, and draws clear lines around core problems with engagement. These range from the present nature of private keys to how to display fractional amounts. This piece is an excellent foundation to figuring out how we tweak current systems to produce a more seamless crypto and blockchain experience.

2. Crypto has a Design Problem

Liz Stinson of Breaker builds off of that premise to analyze how exactly design is being leveraged in the blockchain space today and what the implications of a lack of design or certain design approaches are. Trust, professionalism, and user relationship are all inherent or consequential effects of design, and shouldn’t be casually treated as just an appeasing face for the new industry.

3. Please, Insert Human

Almost a year old but as pertinent today as ever, Tara Tan of IDEO CoLab explains that design is not just another visual quality for this emerging tech, but the vehicle that connects users to an authentic new experience. Design in blockchain is education, usability, and appeal all wrapped up in one. Tan’s article highlights the importance of what we’re trying to communicate and the destination.

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