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This archive series represents a compilation of apps, dapps, practices, companies, resources, and communities that pertain to creativity in the blockchain space. Each entry contains the entity’s relevant information and links to learn more.


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Description: SUPER DAPPS is a global directory of blockchain decentralized applications DApps. We are a team of blockchain enthusiasts with the goal of managing the premiere global directory of decentralized applications for All blockchain platforms in multiple languages.

The blockchain ecosystem is growing at an exponential rate. SUPER DAPPS bridges DApp creators and users to further mass market adoption and growth. Users will find an easily navigable list of DApps containing a wealth of data points including ratings and moderated commentary of other users. Our directory includes categories such as: Games, Business, Exchanges, Social Media, etc. DApp Creators will find the users they need to successfully showcase their projects and obtain metrics and feedback crucial to their success and growth.

SUPER DAPPS is expertly curated to keep user’s experience safe, productive & fun. Keeping up with all the great DApps that debut every week is a full-time job. That’s why we have a team of full-time editors to bring you unique perspectives on what’s new and next in the DApp ecosystem.

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