Taking Steem Beyond Steemit [Steemfest 3.0 Presentations]

Steemfest 3.0 was last week’s conference dedicated to the development of the Steem blockchain and the applications being built on the distributed DPoS system. We’ll be sharing some of our favorite sections and applications that were recording during this time, all tools that creative professionals and content creators can use today to monetize their work and passion on the Steem blockchain.

One of the final panels of the 2-day conference was one hosted by @fredrikaa of @steempress-io titled “Taking Steem Beyond Steemit,” inviting @cryptoctopus of @tokenbb and @sndbox to a panel on their business experiences and outlook on the blockchain space in relevance to their content. The discussion tackled two main questions concerning the generation of blockchain-backed content:

  1. What does it mean to tokenize the web?
  2. What competitive advantages can Steem bring to other websites and blogs that implement it?

Name: Steemfest Panel
Video: Link [Timestamp 1:52:36]

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