Terrible Store of Value

Description: “Terrible Store of Value” counters Dimon’s statements while demonstrating the versatility of cryptocurrencies. Dimon is depicted in a disintegrating state, mirroring the public’s trust toward traditional banking institutions. The work itself acts as a store of value via an integrated bitcoin wallet. Value can be added, stored and removed from the piece at will without the oversight of any central authority. Furthermore, the artwork is certifiably authentic via the blockchain – one of many innovations brought about by this technology to combat fraud. The provenance of “Terrible Store of Value” has been certified via Verisart where it is permanently and immutably on display. If only Wall Street’s motives were this transparent. 

Name: Terrible Store of Value
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Details: Repurposed credit cards and adhesive on wood.

Cryptograffiti was one of the earliest artists in the cryptocurrency space.  His work is dedicated to spreading the crypto/blockchain movement.

This Carousel highlights key works by Cryptograffiti, archived on his website.

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