Thank You NFT.NYC!

Building Towards a Non-Fungible Future

With hundreds of teams BUIDLing the next generation of crypto projects around the globe, it’s often difficult to gauge community and energy at a given time. This is what makes events like NFT.NYC so invaluable to the industry by bringing worldwide initiatives together for just one incredible moment.

Ever since CryptoKitties popularized the ERC721 non-fungible protocol just over a year ago, the ecosystem has exploded with products and possibilities. Now we have hundreds of alternative games, art marketplaces, celebrity tokenization apps, and so much more. NFT.NYC was not only a place to show off that growing roster of innovation, but also a chance for these teams to meet and foster a more tight-knit community. Though each company and project tackles a different industry with various goals, much of the major hurdles of blockchain adoption are shared by all and the conference provides a unique moment for some serious knowledge-sharing.

From our position as a magazine that has had the privilege to share the stories of many companies presenting at NFT.NYC, it was an absolute blast getting to meet and spend time with the teams we’ve gotten to know well (albeit only online) over the last year. The amount of enthusiasm for the magazine was overwhelming and doubly confirmed our commitment to share the very best in blockchain’s creative development. We’re proud to have been involved as media partners for this program and we look forward to more from the NFT space is in the near future.

Blockchain’s biggest edge is community. – Michael Casey

Big shoutouts to Neon District, Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, Steem Monsters, BlockCities, CryptoKaiju, 0xcert, Amberdata, DADA, NFTY News, CryptoPunks, Snark.Art, Lumi, OpenSea, and who have helped us create content for the community! And special thanks to Cameron Bale and Jodee Rich for organizing the event and bringing us all together.

For anyone who missed the event, the livestream recordings and interviews are up on Ian Utile’s YouTube channel, which we’ll be showcasing and breaking down soon!

Event: NFT.NYC

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