Thank You to the New Art Academy! [ArtTech + Blockchain Connect NYC]

Congratulations to The New Art Academy for their massively successful event, ArtTech and Blockchain Connect! It was an honor to be a supporting partner on the conference focused on the impact of blockchain on the arts industry. We’re looking forward to what’s to come with Elena and her team, such as their announced Crypto and Digital Art Fair (CADAF).

We also had the pleasure of also moderating the last panel, “Digital Art and Crypto Collectibles” with the individuals and organizations at the forefront of blockchain creativity – Kevin Abosch, Judy Mam of Dada, Zack Yanger of SuperRare, Jessica Angel of #ArtProject, and Matt Hall of Cryptopunks. Though we may be highly biased, it was one of the most dynamic conversations we’ve witnessed to date centered on the actual contemporary use of blockchain to disrupt creative industries.

“We can’t think traditionally anymore in terms of art ownership. Blockchain is allowing us to invent new systems of co-ownership. We are pushing that envelope creatively and collectively.” – Judy Mam

We’ll be releasing more thorough coverage on the event by next week so stay tuned! If you missed out on the first article on the conference with an interview with founder Elena Zavelev, check it out here.

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