The 1 Year Axie-Anniversary

Non-Fungible Futures

Axie Infinity launched in February of 2018 – and a lot has changed since these battle-hungry non-fungibles first entered the Ethereal arena. The AI team has celebrated a huge number of milestones over the last several months of steady growth and strong adoption within the Axie-ecosystem. This is one of the few blockchain gaming projects that continues to innovate by leaps and bounds; developing new battle standards, world-building, story-building, and now LAND auctioning.

The AI team recently published a 1-year recap – available on their blog, here. Alongside the many benchmarks on display, here are a couple exciting statistics fresh out of the Axie Universe:

  • 1 million Axie Battles (watch the recap, here)
  • 2,500 + ETH has been raised to build the Axie Homeland – Lunacia
  • 8,000 + Axies have been sold on the secondary market (with 1,800 ETH spent in total)

Interviews + Spotlights

In lieu of the 1 year anniversary, we’re taking a look back at our coverage of Axie Infinity. From the early ’18 days of battling NFTs to 20-questions with Axie Art Director Masamune, take a read through our favorites! 2019 is sure to be an exciting year to come.

About the Ecosystem

Axie Infinity is a digital pet community centered around collecting, training, raising, and battling fantasy creatures called Axie. Each creature has unique genetic data stored on the Ethereum blockchain and can possess 6 out of hundreds of possible body parts. Each body part has their own battle move so the combinations for creating unique little battlers are infinite.

Game: Axie Infinity

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