The Best of this Week’s Billboard [09/06]

The Best of this Week’s Billboard is a weekly recap of billboard posts and announcements that gives a curated snapshot on the state of crypto creativity today. To read more Billboard articles, visit the dedicated page here.

Decentraland’s ‘Medieval Plaza’ Interactive Preview

Click here to interact with a one of Decentraland’s 3D developments, the Medieval Plaza. Decentraland allows diverse developments in their digital world, from plan-view real estate trading to spatial and programmatic development. To learn more about Decentraland, check out our previous showcase on the project.

Read here for further exploration.

Explore Bitcoin in Comic Form with Josh Blaylock

Tired of the endless whitepapers and websites as you try and grasp some understanding of Bitcoin? Fret no more, artist Josh Blaylock has got you covered. “The Bitcoin Comic Handbook,” published by Devil’s Due Comics, is a fully illustrated graphic novel that explores and explains the complexities of blockchain and the hallmark digital currency.

Learn more about the work here.

Introduction to Crypto Art + Crypto Art Gallery Event [Sep 14, NYC]

Join some of the leading figures concerning art and blockchain on September 14 for the event “Introduction to Crypto Art + Crypto Art Gallery.” This open event will host a public discussion as well as a reception including crypto-inspired and integrated creative work. Represented companies and initiatives include Codex#ArtProjectSuperrare, and Counterparty.

Learn more about the event here.

Apply for Project Grants with LBRY.Fund

LBRY has set up a dedicated grant program to fund proposals designed to increase the blockchain’s reach and impact. You can propose any potentially impactful project or activity, from meetups to creative promotional and educational ideas with the goal of developing awareness around LBRY’s protocol and open-source tools.

See what you can do for the fund here.

Steem Monsters Kickstarter Campaign

Check out Steem Monsters (@steemmonsters on Steemit) – a new digital TCG built on the Steem blockchain! They just launched an epic Kickstarter campaign looking to leave a big mark (bite, wound?) on the gaming sector. Steem Monsters stands to become the first true example of a decentralized game and marketplace with much of activity and game-building narratives driven directly by the community of users surrounding it. Explore the new game features, the campaign, and support the initiative here.

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