The Best of this Week’s Billboard [1/13]

The Best of this Week’s Billboard is a weekly recap of billboard posts and announcements that gives a curated snapshot on the state of crypto creativity today. To read more Billboard articles, visit the dedicated page here.

Smart Dubai Global Blockchain Challenge 2019

Smart Dubai is hosting the Global Blockchain Challenge 2019, an ideas competition centered on helping Dubai become blockchain-integrated by 2020. Teams from around the world are invited to submit their ideas for a chance to be flown out to Dubai in late March and pitch in front of a panel of judges and investors. Top picks will also win cash prizes, including a 1st place $20,000 award.

Read more on the criteria and register here.

Discover’s App Rankings [Ethereum, Eos, Tron, Steem] has just added Tron to their Dapp Rankings database, joining other platform blockchains including Ethereum, EOS, and STEEM. With this incredible tool, you can sort through applications by type, engagement, usership, transaction volume, and more. Explore the growing tool here.

CryptoKitties + Gods Unchained Unique Items [Until Jan 28]

Until January 28, 2019, collectors of CryptoKitties can purchase special edition packs of Gods Unchained! By logging in with your MetaMask account and purchasing packs for 0.024 ETH, you’ll be able to create in-game talisman statues based off of the qualities of your kitty. Certain FancyCat types like Tally the Purrocious will earn you even more unique items.

Snag your unchained kitty here.

Watch the Basic Attention Token’s Explainer Video

The Basic Attention Token’s (BAT) latest video has founder and legendary developer Brendan Eich walk you through the contemporary issues of advertising and how this new cryptocurrency can enrich the experiences of all users. The explanation is beautifully illustrated and articulated, painting an optimistic picture of how decentralized technologies will put us more in control of our content and viewership. Watch the video here.

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