The Best of this Week’s Billboard [1/6]

The Best of this Week’s Billboard is a weekly recap of billboard posts and announcements that gives a curated snapshot on the state of crypto creativity today. To read more Billboard articles, visit the dedicated page here.

The Creative Crypto is Now a Brave Creators Channel! [Support Us with Brave Browser Downloads]

The Creative Crypto is now registered as a Brave Creators Channel! The new browser and their native Basic Attention Token are establishing a new structure for advertisers, creators, and communities to better support one another with decentralized rewards. With this new integration, you can support The Creative Crypto by simply downloading and trying the browser with this link:

Happy Birthday BTC Music Video Special

Bitcoin is growing up right before our eyes! Already 10 years of incredible development, scandal, memes, and global impact. In celebration of BTC’s birthday, a group of HODLer celebrities – from Jimmy Song to Naomi Brockwell – have put together this musical homage to the grandaddy blockchain.

Watch the ‘Happy Birthday Bitcoin – A Million Dreams Celebration Video’ here.

Ethereum in Review by Amberdata

Amberdata has released a comprehensive and beautifully designed overview of Ethereum during 2018. From market stats to events to NFT transactions, the full-page scroll captures all the pertinent points of progress and development from one of the most vibrant blockchain communities.

Explore the resource here.

‘PROOF OF WORK’ Exhibition Documentation

The documentation for the diverse ‘PROOF OF WORK’ exhibition at the Schinkel Pavilion is up with images of most of the art and installation pieces. From spatial work by FOAM and a unique piece by CryptoKitties, PROOF OF WORK brings together a wide spectrum of projects that experiment with blockchain tools and ideas around decentralization. Find the documentation here.

ExoPlanets Launches Multiplayer Mining Beta

ExoPlanets has just launched their mining game beta! Owners of their own planet NFTs can participate in mining races every 8 hours, launching a spacecraft to mine valuable intergalactic resources to sell and trade for ERC20 ExoTokens. 

Go interstellar on the blockchain here.

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