The Best of this Week’s Billboard [10/08]

The Best of this Week’s Billboard is a weekly recap of billboard posts and announcements that gives a curated snapshot on the state of crypto creativity today. To read more Billboard articles, visit the dedicated page here.

New Updates on The Creative Crypto Magazine

Hello Crypto Creatives! We’ve been tweaking away here at The Creative Crypto to build out the experience and future roadmap of the magazine as we enter Q4 of 2018. The following are a few major updates to the magazine website we wanted to share for our readers to explore.

Learn more about all the changes here.

Sign Up for Creativechain’s Upcoming App!

Excited about Creativechain‘s upcoming blockchain revamp? In the meantime, sign up to learn more about their upcoming first DApp – Creary! This social media application will allow artists to showcase their work and support one another through the blockchain’s new vote-centric protocol. You can sign up for both the newsletter as well as a potential beta tester for when the application launches in the near future.

SingularDTV’s “Trust Machine” Film Screenings [NYC/LA]

Excited about the latest major documentary on the world of blockchain? Snag your tickets to the debut screenings of Trust Machine, a film developed by SingularDTV, in New York on October 26 and Los Angeles on November 16. You can reserve your tickets today for screenings throughout those dates at the Cinema Village in NYC and the Monica Film Center in LA.

Discover Loom’s CryptoZombies Smart Contract Tutorial

As part of the development of their flagship game Zombie BattlegroundLoom Network has developed a zombie-themed coding curriculum! The CryptoZombies tutorials teach you through interactive lessons, designed to get you familiar around coding on the Ethereum blockchain with Solidity. From blockchain backend to gamified UI, you’ll be on your way to creating your own crypto-powered game in no time.

Get learning, playing, and coding here.

Looking at the Upcoming “Digital Art and Crypto Collectibles” Panel

We’re excited to be both a participant in the New Art Academy’s upcoming event, NYC ArtTech + Blockchain Connect, as well as covering the event as a supporting partner. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be providing insight into various components of the schedule, the speaker lineup, and the general inspiration for the conference with New Art Academy founder Elena Zavelev.

Read about all the speakers here.

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