The Crypto-Quest for a Nintendo Switch [9 Year Old Sells Artwork on the Bitcoin Lightning Network]

When Lighting Strikes

Enter, Dennis – Age 9 – Nintendo Switch fan, artist, and blockchain entrepreneur. Dennis has recently made waves for selling artwork in an effort to save up for a Nintendo. But not just any artwork… When a $2-per-week allowance doesn’t quite cut it – it’s time to tap the magic of the blockchain.

Visit Lighting Pictures

For $1 worth of Bitcoin you can receive a quick sketch. For $10 you get a seriously awesome picture!

Made to process Bitcoin payments faster – the Lightning Network (LN) is a new layer of the blockchain that is rapidly being adopted by crypto creatives. Earlier this year, Cryptograffiti set a record for the smallest BTC auction ever. His work “Black Swan” was sold for $0.000000037.

Update – Note from Dennis’s Dad:

Lighting Pictures has been picking up some steam! Here’s a note from Dennis’s Dad reminding everyone to be patient when ordering sketches.

This site has been picked up by some news-sites and seems to be going viral. If you order a picture please be prepared for a longish wait. Dennis has homework to do aswell as drawing!

Lightning Pictures

Project: Lighting Pictures

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