The Cutest Category in Crypto [Interview with Mendie Leelin Kovacs of Kawaii Crypto]

We’ve got a fun one to start off the week! Kawaii Crypto just might be the cuddliest thing to come out of the crypto space, and what’s a better distraction from grisly bear markets than fluffy crypto mascots. From digital worlds to phone app games, Mendie Leelin Kovacs has created much to engage with. Let’s hop right into the discussion to learn more!

The Creative Crypto (CC): Tell us about you and how you found yourself in the blockchain space.

I am a self-taught designer/developer and found out about Bitcoin and in late 2013, Blockchain from the game “Bitcoin Billionaire.” I was immediately hooked, but then wondered, “how do I become a real-life Bitcoin miner?” I started researching more into it, found out about other Cryptocurrencies, and bought my first Bitcoin on Coinbase. This was around the time of the 2014 crash. I bought my first Bitcoin for $600 and it went down to $200 within a month. Since I was so new to the scene, and the prices were so low, I decided to keep buying to DCA (Dollar Cost Average) my portfolio.

Then when Ethereum was introduced to Coinbase, I quickly jumped on that. I was predominately a holder from 2014-2016, but when 2017 came along, I decided to try my hand in trading. I researched and bought into some low market cap coins (NEO then Vechain) and my portfolio rose to heights I didn’t dream were possible. I was like Icarus flying too high to the sun, and held on as the market crashed. I never got to realize my profits, and am now taking a break in trading and venturing off to educate and help bring mainstream adoption to Blockchain.

CC: Why do you believe there should be a “kawaii” quality to this technology?

I love animals and I love adorable things, so I wanted to create something that I naturally loved and combine it with Blockchain. I originally was creating an idle game with the same Kawaii characters, but when I was introduced to the Metal project, I wanted to create a store and sell products for Cryptocurrency. I immediately thought of my Kawaii characters and imagined a Care Bears meets Crypto fusion.

I tested out my first stickers and fell in love with them. I set out to create my Kawaii Crypto Friends and feature them in games and merchandise. I think people respond to cute things, so my hope is having my kawaii-inspired mascots help with Blockchain adoption.  

CC: What is Kawaii Crypto Kingdom? What is it trying to achieve?

Kawaii Crypto Kingdom was my first mobile game I started to develop that includes my Kawaii Crypto Friends. It is an educational game that will help teach the fundamentals of Blockchain in a fun and easy to understand way. Each section of the Kindom features a Blockchain Project. For example, in the Castle, you will find Bitcoin Fox and play a mining simulation game. There is also a learn + quiz section where you can earn in-game currency to help you progress in the game.

I have put this game on hold, and have released Kawaii Crypto Bubble Pop – now available in the App and Play StoreThis is a fun, casual game for crypto enthusiasts to enjoy as they wait for the crypto market to recover. It features the Kawaii Crypto Friends and you pop crypto bubbles while trying to save crying dollars and collect Toy Lambos.

CC: For creative individuals not yet in the blockchain space but interested in joining, what would be your words of advice?

My advice is that since the space is very new right now, you would be getting in at the ground floor, but adoption is still an obstacle to go through. Stick with it and don’t be discouraged, especially in these darker times.

CC: If you can imagine your work five years down the line, what would it look like?

I am hoping that Kawaii Crypto becomes a name people will think of when they think of blockchain. I am hoping I can be the Sanrio of Blockchain and have toys, clothing, games, and stationary!

Thank you Mendie for joining us on this interview! Be sure to follow her crypto-themed games, goodies, and the world of Krypto Kawaii right here.

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