The Launch of Crypto Playing Cards

Crypto Playing Cards are a new crypto-themed game product that transforms the globally used card deck into the perfect crypto-convo starter. Developed out of Switzerland, the design incorporates custom illustrations by professional artists from around the world.

Best of all, all orders before Christmas receive free shipping!

display together sans backgroudn et logo

Playing cards aren’t new, they’re not revolutionary and they’re not about to reshape our future. But Cryptocurrencies are. As for any revolution, the People need to know about it; they need to talk about it, learn why and how it might change their life and the life of their children. And what better way to get acquainted with cryptos than to see names and start asking questions? That’s the goal of this deck of custom Crypto Playing Cards: to make People wonder, have them raise questions and objections, which in turn are going to elicit answers and interest.


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