The State of Crypto Creativity in 2018

The Creative Crypto is all about getting more creatives of all disciplines involved in the revolution of blockchain technology. We believe that this is a new raw tool for professionals to apply to and empower their work, and it doesn’t require high technological know-how to access. So before we even officially launch the online magazine and bring you some significant highlights of creative work with cryptocurrencies and blockchain, here are the main things you need to know in an exclusive report for our early subscribers.

“What is Blockchain and Cryptocurrency?”

This was probably the most asked question of 2017. Even today, most explanations are rambling at best. For those new to these terms and especially for those coming from a creative background, here’s a short description:

Blockchain is a new way of storing and distributing all kinds of information, and its circulation is fueled by cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain decentralizes information, removing the need and desire for a central authority. A perfect example is Facebook, which has a central database of all of our pictures, posts, messages, and contacts. As a centralized company, they monetize our attention through advertising and SEO data that they utilize and sell for monstrous amounts of money. So what if – instead of a single monolithic business like Facebook – your content and information were to be distributed amongst all of its users and the profits of that attention divided more equitably to us all.

Why is this important to creative professionals?

The are big implications of this new hierarchy of information – security, stability, speed, transparency – but the most impactful repercussion of the blockchain ecosystem is its ability to monetize our creative content. All of it. Imagine getting a micropayment for every Instagram shot, every witty Tweet, every Medium article, every Pinterest sketch, and every blasted Facebook post you send into the depths of Silicon Valley servers. Think of every aspect of your practice earning you equity in a valued blockchain. This new normal of open-source information could kickstart an entirely new economic foundation for creative work.

The following examples represent some of major in-real-life advancements that are actively empowering a once theoretical maker’s economy:

1. Tokens That Solve Problems

Several recent types of blockchains have been designed to focus on internet-era problems. The topics that haunt every creator – copywriting, proof of authorship, verifying authenticity, and many more – are being solved through immutable blockchain applications. Additionally, with the redistribution of profits typically reserved for a central company, creatives will also have access to new and more equitable crowdfunding tools, rewarded curation and content sharing. Makers will be able to take full control of and monetize their work through these new cryptocurrencies.

Here are just a few examples of developing blockchains that we’ll cover with exclusive articles and interviews on The Creative Crypto –

  • Steem: the most developed social media platform (of the blockchain ecosystem) that allows publishers and curators to tokenize content; writing, photography, video, music, and all manner of creative work.
  • A network to manage and validate creative assets and personal work.
  • Publica: A resource for writers to advertise, distribute, and monetize their work without operating through 3rd parties.
  • LBRY: A tokenized and decentralized video hosting platform, designed to eliminate commercials and central ad-revenue like on the traditional YouTube model.
  • Creativechain: A new model for photo and visual design sharing, creating micro-payments to control Creative Commons licensing.

2. Cryptocurrency Projects

The crypto world is also beginning to see an emergence of creative work that integrates new functionalities of blockchain into art, design, architecture, and more. Whether it’s a Bitcoin eating flower to the first crypto-funded public park, The Creative Crypto will bring the latest and greatest in the progress of creative innovation.

The Creative Crypto’s parent incubator – Sndbox – will also continue to present project developments that come out of the incubator cohort, all funded 100% by tokenized content.

3. Creative Communities

The impact of this growing environment is not just limited to new companies, apps and physical products. The community involved in crypto has absolutely exploded over the last year with millions of people contributing their time and experience to help make blockchain a robust technology into the future. We’ve seen the passionate community form an entire ecosystem of social activities including new collectives, educational institutions, hackathons, creative contests, and more types of organizations that help nurture and diversify the reach of blockchain.

This online publication will put a spotlight on leading figures and community members as more and more empowering applications come out of this entirely new social realm.

Cultivating the Creative Crypto Magazine

As you’ve read through our first run down of all things creative in the world of blockchain, big things are just beginning. We are excited to see more and more creative professionals entering the space and making use of new tools, new cryptocurrencies, and new communities to empower their work in way that was previously impossible. You can take it from us – architects and artists by training and practice – that all of this will be a powerful value proposition for creative generations to come.

Welcome to the Creative Crypto – Michael and Kirk of Sndbox 

Illustrations by @zsolt.vidak

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