TRISHES Releases Crypto-Centric Song + Video “Money”

An upcoming music artist has found some inspiration with the rise of cryptocurrency, and isn’t afraid to be vocal about it. A pop singer by the name of TRISHES recently released a song titled “Money”, produced by First Born, who has worked with world-famous musicians such as Nicki Minaj, Ludacris, and Florida.

In an interview with the Trinidadian Guardian, TRISHES referenced the rise of cryptocurrency as a sign that the current financial system is inadequate. She states: 

“I think the rise of cryptocurrency is making more people aware that our financial systems are something that we choose to participate in—maybe not individually but collectively. Right now, it’s a system that’s oppressing the same majority whose participation is necessary in upholding it. Even if based in our current system, cryptocurrency opens up people’s eyes to the possibility that we can choose to be a part of a different system that may work better for us as a whole.”

The song “Money” is off her upcoming project, EGO.

Video: Link

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