‘Value and Art In A Tokenized World’ SXSW Panel

Join a panel of crypto-art experts and BUIDLers for the “Value and Art In A Tokenized World” talk during the SXSW conference in March 2019. The discussions will include Beatriz Ramos of Dada, Kat Mustatea of Forbes, Lindsay Moroney of Artory, and Ashwini Anburajan of 22X Fund. Much of the presentations at this upcoming SXSW will be blockchain-centric, so keep an eye out for other major talks regarding distributed technologies and their impact on creative practice.

Thanks to blockchain technology, any asset can now be tokenized—from art to royalties to stocks to portfolios. The implications for art are profound and go beyond merely authentication of digital works or tracking provenance. When large or small groups of people can own a piece of an artist’s work, it can fundamentally reconfigure the relationship between artist and audience: what does it mean for both art and artists that the audience can now become owners?

Name: Value and Art In A Tokenized World
Website: Link
Date: TBA

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