Watch ‘Startup’ and the Story of GenCoin on Amazon

Tired of all the doom-and-gloom that comes with the reality of this bear market? Inject some CryptoTV into your life with the Amazon Prime show Startup! The story follows a family stuck in the middle of a dangerous money laundering affair and goes down the rabbit hole of utilizing the daughter Izzy’s “GenCoin” startup to solve their financial woes. Crime and crypto are all too often lumped needlessly together but creator Ben Katai emphasizes the narrative use of the technology rather than putting it in a bad light.

“People have heard about digital currency, but they really don’t understand how it operates. They just see it in the headlines,” Brian Stoeckert (Stratis Advisory) told CNBC. “This is one way they can follow a storyline and get a unique perspective on it.”

Name: Startup
Website: Link

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