Win The Creative Crypto Origin Card on Marble.Cards! [Ends March 11]

The Heart of Our Cards

In celebration of our new integration with Marble.Cards, we’re hosting a joint competition for collectors and users on the platform. From now until March 11, we’ll be giving away two sets of prizes:

1- The Origin Marble Card for The Creative Crypto, awarded to whomever holds the card for most-read article during this time period. Our magazine publishes dozens of pieces of content a week and we’ll have no idea what’s most popular until the final date!

2- Unique KryptoKodama from [The Creative Crypto’s KnownOrigin gallery], airdropped to random holders of marbled CC cards during this event. These artworks are clues to our Bitcoinhaus CryptoPuzzle and lead to further crypto prizes!

Happy marbling! Be sure to share your new cards with us by tagging @creative_crypto in your tweets and follow announcements on @marble_cards for more chances to earn rare collectibles.


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